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Finding Home

“FINDING HOME gently opens all the closed places of the heart…Peace and pathos dance together all through this amazing collection of songs of comfort and courage.”
-Gloria Gaither, Homecoming

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Solveig knows what she’s doing. Drop your defenses, and follow her wherever she goes.”
-Don Chaffer, Waterdeep

“Finding Home is chock full of beautiful songs with uncompromising lyrics, arranged and delivered exquisitely. Solveig’s the female James Taylor!”
-Evie Tornquist, Recording Artist

“Finding Home; This is an amazing album from an amazing person.”
-Rachel Held Evans – Author, Speaker, Blogger

“Wow! The new record, Finding Home is Gorgeous! Soothing. Different. Beautiful work. Congrats!”
-Margaret Becker – Artist, Author, Speaker

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