Where can I buy your CDs?

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent requested information about this!

I just realized we have done a poor job of telling you where to buy my music.

Here’s the scoop:

Since we don’t currently have a staff and I tour extensively, we are limited in filling orders ourselves. Gaither Music has been so kind to offer “Finding Home” via their web store, and it’s listed at only $11.95 + shipping.

This CD along with my previous records are also available at digital stores such as iTunes and Amazon.


If you prefer ordering in bulk (10 or more) for gifts, to sell in your book store, give to your employees or choir members, feel free to contact us to order them directly from us at bulk rate (For the USA: $10 each + shipping.)

If you live in Norway, you can also purchase my music (hard copies) via, Platekompaniet, and Vivo in addition to digitally on Norway’s own iTunes:

Get your hard copy of “Finding Home” here. Just $11.95 + shipping!

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CCM reviews Solveig’s Finding Home.

CCM Magazine gave this outstanding review of Solveig’s newest release “Finding Home”.

FOR FANS OF: Eva Cassidy, Shawn Colvin, Fernando Ortega
Rating: 4 Stars

With thirty years of internationally celebrated recordings in her musical register, including a pair of gold certifications, the Dove Award-winning, Norwegian-bred singer-songwriter births her first original English recording in nearly a decade. Gently engaging tough human topics like Alzheimer’s as well as celebratory occasions with sheer vocals, tender musical bedding, a clarinet and a harmonica, plus Steve Hindalong’s (The Choir, Sara Groves) graceful production, Finding Home is a perfect sample of one of gospel music’s sweetest acoustic treasures.

– Andrew Greer

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Charisma Magazine recommends “Finding Home”


Charisma Magazine features Solveig’s “Finding Home” in their June, 2014 edition for recommended resources to their readers.

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A Memorial Day Tribute



Solveig’s father-in-law Gordon Chaffee with his mother Mildred Chaffee. Gordon served in the Air Force from 1948-1952.

By Deborah Patterson

Originally appeared in Gaither’s Homecoming Magazine Online, April 15, 2014

Dove Award-winning artist Solveig Leithaug has graced the Homecoming stage and videos for nearly a decade. Her wonderful new release, Finding Home, reflects the culmination of years of life, growth, faith and musical exploration. With a dream team of musicians and co-writers, Solveig has crafted this breathtaking collection of songs, which point us to the moments, the people, the Creator and the countless gifts waiting to be noticed along our voyage home.

In the May/June issue of Homecoming Magazine, we honor veterans, those brave souls who have sacrificed much in service to their country. For this issue, Solveig shares a beautiful tribute she penned, dedicated to family members of deployed military, and she also included the lyrics to “Safe and Sound,” one of the songs from Finding Home. IMG_2273The touching lyrics are inspired by those who keep the home fires burning while their loved ones are deployed—those who pray, hope, wonder and worry, often while raising children and working.

As a gift to Homecoming readers, Solveig offers this free download of “Safe and Sound.” Homecoming fans will recognize Buddy Greene’s infectious harmonica on the track, which is produced by Steve Hindalong (Sixpence None the Richer, Leeland, Sara Groves. City on a Hill). Solveig co-wrote with Gary Sadler, a platinum-selling songwriter/producer/musician. We know you’ll love it as we do! You can follow along with the lyrics below…



With deepest gratitude I dedicate this song to all family members of deployed military personnel waiting for your loved one to return.  ~ Solveig
In the wee small hours of the morning dark
When the robin wakens the dawn
With the mockingbird and the meadowlark
You are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

When the fireflies come like a summer dream
And the honeysuckle’s in bloom
When the poplar sway in a gentle breeze
Oh, you are on my mind
Yes, you are on my mind

Down the cobblestone to the village square
While the baker sets his dough
I walk our dog in the autumn air
But you are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

Safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me

When the arctic wind begins to blow
And the chimney’s smoking all night
Then I think of how you love the snow
‘Cause you are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

When your ship drops anchor at Sterling Bay
And your feet are safely on shore
My yearlong night will break into day
‘Till then you are on my mind
Oh, darling, you’re on my mind

Safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me
Oh, safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me, home to me

Solveig Leithaug © 2013 Apple Cake Music / Admin / Gary Sadler © 2013 Paintbrush Music, ASCAP / CCLI Song ID: 7005705

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Faraway Lullaby

Yesterday my daughter Kari created this very personal “handmade” video on her phone; Faraway Lullaby. On most nights when she was overseas  these past six months, she listened to an mp3 of “Faraway Lullaby”, a song I recorded last fall about the time she flew out of the nest. This goodnight tune is dedicated to my kids far and near, and all moms and dads who can’t be with their kids at bedtime, whether  small or grown. Special gratitude to Grammy nominated Sarah Hart for her collaboration on the song writing, and to cellist Matt Slocum, (Sixpence None the Richer) for his stellar playing.

From Kari and I to all of you wonderful, brave, courageous ladies:

” Happy Mother’s Day!”

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Award-winning International Singer-Songwriter Solveig Leithaug Releases Landmark Recording, Finding Home.

March 6, 2014 – (NASHVILLE, TN) Solveig Leithaug is one of the most under-the-radar treasures in the world of Christian music.  And now, this Dove award-winning singer-songwriter has joined forces with renowned producer Steve Hindalong and a dream team of musicians, and songwriters to create a landmark recording, Finding Home.

A culmination of decades of life experience and evolution as a musician and songwriter, Finding Home is without question the most honest, courageous, and breathtakingly beautiful recording of Solveig’s 30-year career. This collection of 13 songs perfectly blends the maturity of a seasoned veteran and the fresh, untainted hope threaded between every note she sings.

Gospel music icon Gloria Gaither states: “From a lullaby to faraway children she can’t tuck in at night to a tribute to a loved one on the slow journey of Alzheimer’s who can only be present ‘when she plays’ the piano, Solveig’s FINDING HOME gently opens all the closed places of the heart with her melted butter voice. Peace and pathos dance together all through this amazing collection of songs of comfort and courage.”

Throughout the album the listener experiences the blend of Solveig’s Norwegian heritage and her timeless American folk sound with lyrics pregnant with universal themes of faith, hope, love and mercy. Joining Solveig in the songwriting were Grammy nominated songwriters Cindy Morgan and Sarah Hart, Grammy-winning songwriter Phil Madeira, platinum selling writer Gary Sadler, and Dove award winning Steve Hindalong.

Each song features Leithaug’s exceptional guitar virtuosity and leads the team of incredible musicians, including Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor (Elvis Costello), Jeff Coffin (The Dave Matthews Band), Matt Slocum (Six Pence Non the Richer), and Jimmy Abegg (The Raggamuffins) to name a few.

The first single from Finding Home, “When She Plays,” was released in Solveig’s native Norway for the nation’s annual telethon and was played frequently on national radio broadcasts creating an overwhelming groundswell of response. The song tells the gripping story of Solveig’s mother-in-law, a former church pianist suffering from Alzheimer’s, who returns when she plays the piano.

“I wrote the song,” Solveig says, “to honor her and all the individuals and families affected by this debilitating and cruel disease. It’s staggering to think that in the USA alone 5.2 million currently have Alzheimer’s .”

To accompany the song, Solveig has released a touching video shot in her hometown Nashville, TN which features a short “home-movie” performance of the classic hymn “He Touched Me” by Sharon, her mother-in-law.

The video can be viewed on YouTube.  Digital download of Finding Home is available on iTunes and other fine digital outlets. The physical CD is available through the Gaither Music website (Gaither Store).


Jim Chaffee at Chaffee Management
Phone: +1 615 300 9699

Official website:
Facebook: Solveig Leithaug Music
Twitter: @SolveigMusic
Instagram: Sophie_Lighthouse

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Scandinavian Christmas Tour 2013

Solveig is looking forward to holding Christmas concerts throughout Scandinavia in the first week. First concert stop is in rural Halsa in Norland above the Arctic Circle on November 22.

SOLVEIG’S SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TOUR 2013 11/22 Concert: Solveig & Soul Children in Halsa frikirke, Søndre Meløy, NORDLAND, NORWAY 11/24 Christmas concert: Solveig & local guests in Myre kirke, VESTERÅLEN, NORWAY 11/26 Concert: Solveig & local guests in Misjonskirken, KRISTIANSUND, NORWAY 11/28 Christmas concert: Solveig, Garness & Band at Rauma flh. MOLDE, NORWAY 11/29 Christmas concert: Solveig in Betlehemskyrkan, Gävle, SWEDEN 11/30 Christmas concert: Solveig in Korskyrkan, Uppsala, SWEDEN 12/1 Christmas concert: Solveig in Kristinakyrkan, Lindesberg, SWEDEN 12/4 Private events near OSLO, NORWAY 12/6 Christmas concert: Solveig, Garness & Band + others, IMI STAVANGER, NORWAY 12/7 Christmas concert: Reflex, Bjøro Håland, Solveig + others EGERSUND Arena, NORWAY 12/8 Christmas concert: Solveig in Svennevik Betania, LINDESNES, NORWAY 12/10 Christmas concert: Solveig in Gjerstad kirke OSTERØY, NORWAY 12/12 Christmas concert: Garness & Band. Guest: Solveig. Nordhordland flh. FREKHAUG, NORWAY

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New Song

In support of Norway’s annual national telethon hosted by Norwegian Broadcasting Network (NRK) dedicated this year to research for dementia/ Alzheimer, Solveig’s brand new song “When She Plays” is featured in several broadcasts. Tune in to NRK’s P1 radio “Mellom himmel og jord” (Between heaven and earth) at 10.05 Sunday October 20th, to hear this moving tribute to her mother in law Sharon, a former church pianist of 39 years, who returns “When She Plays”. The song will be available on iTunes soon, and is featured on Solveig’s upcoming solo release “Finding Home”.

For more information, news clippings and photos, please visit Solveig’s Facebook page: Solveig Leithaug Music.

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Solveig to India with Compassion International

In January Solveig and her husband Jim Chaffee spent some unforgettable days in India visiting several of Compassions International’s child projects in Chennai and the slums of Mumbai. While there they also got to meet their sponsor child; four year old Alisha.

As a founding board member of Compassion Norway and an artist advocate for Compassion International since 2010, Solveig saw this as a great opportunity to first hand learn more about this important work- to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion International currently serves about 1.4 children daily in 26 nations. To read more about Compassion’s work and their upcoming official launch in Scandinavia, please click on the CHARITY link on this web site.

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Florist in Lunde in Telemark, Norway invites Solveig to perform for his parish.

Solveig to hold concert at Lunde Church in Telemark, Norway on February 14th at invitation from local florist.

A while back Solveig received an unusual invitation: A local florist Gjermund Leikvoll of Lunde in Telemark was wondering if Solveig would be open to do a concert for his home church? He wanted to give the concert as a gift to the congregation, and create an event to sell tickets that would go directly to support the youth pastor’s work in their parish. Solveig loved the concept, and the date is set for Thursday February 14 at 7pm. Tickets: kr. 200 (At the door) Pre-sold Tickets: kr 150 at Leikvoll Blomster. Children/ Students: Free.

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